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Dog & Cat Grooming     

Dog Grooming

A new service at Elwell Boarding Kennels!

The Elwell Grooming Salon is a professionally run business catering for all breeds of dogs. Nadia (the groomer) is highly experienced and fully trained. She works on a one-to-one basis and takes great pleasure in teaching dogs and cats that grooming doesn't have to be a traumatic experience, and that with a little time and patience in a calm, relaxed atmosphere, any companion animal can learn to enjoy their regular grooming session.
Nadia has worked with many different breeds, some of which have had all sorts of issues and p roblems. She has a built up a great knowledge of canine and feline behaviour, and in doing so has heard too many horror stories of traumatic grooming experiences. She strongly believes that it shouldn't be like that for any animal!
Nadia can clip to breed standard or to your pet's individual grooming need. Dogs boarding at Elwell kennels will receive 10% off all grooming treatments, so that they can come home looking and smelling great!
Price List

Treatment\Size Small Medium Large Extra-large
Full Groom £20 £28 £38 £50
Dry Clip/Trim £15 £20 £25 £35
Handstrip £25 £35 £45 £55
Face, Feet & Ears £10 £10 £10 £10
Bath £15 £20 £20 £30
Nails £10 £10 £10
(Please note: Heavily matted or hard-to-handle pets may incur extra charges)

Please call Nadia to discuss your dog or cat's individual grooming needs . If we are busy tending to our four-legged customers and cannot get to the phone, please leave a message and we will always get back to you.

07528-547189      or      01308-488923

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